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Increase Your Click-Through Rates and Daily Sales Today!

You need a dominating voice over for your on line presentation or your capture page. You need a voice that reaches out to your audience and grabs their attention, simply by relating to them on a personal level and with a Powerful Voice!  Looking for the unique voice to captivate an audience for your next product demo, look no further! Choose the right voice to match your needs for your next marketing campaign.

We’ve got a photo booth that is unlike any other. Party goers enter our perfectly lit photo booth to shoot their own self-portrait. High-resolution images are then displayed in a revolving slideshow on one or more LCD screens set up at your event. With our professional studio lighting, camera equipment and on-site support staff, everyone looks like a supermodel and the fun and memories you make will be golden.

Crowdfunding has helped out many in having successful business launches. KulaBrands is the answer to many entrepreneurs dream of experiencing true success while helping bring the product to market. Kulabrands literally is Crowdfunding on Steroids!

Zip n Store  Storage…

Zip n Store is the storage solution that uses the hidden power of zip lock bags. Zip lock bags are light, easy to store, convenient, and they also preserve food much longer than any air-filled plastic containers.



Are you Protecting yourself and do you know who is having a field day with your Identity right now! It sounds ridiculous, however it happens to many unsuspecting folks daily.. Click on the picture above and start wearing your badge to protect your life from Identity Theft!

Is LegalShield really Legit and can it help protect your future? You never know when you will need legal advice as there are too many reasons under the sun to list here. Attorneys can help you fight criminal charges, prepare wills, construct a legal document to make a problem go away. However, such services can be quite costly. Legal Shield can provide a way for you to prepay for legal advice and assistance, should ever a problem arise. Click on the picture above and get protected today!

Millions of North Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and looking for a way to earn more. Thousands of people get paid daily with LegalShield. Why not you?  BECOME AN ASSOCIATE TODAY, just click on the picture above to get started!

Making Easy Dollars provides you with the opportunity to get online and start to make money the same day that you get started. With a great funnel system to help you earn daily, Making Easy Dollars will provide you with the funds needed to support you online business.
Customer Manager Pro provides you and your business with the best organization and allow do what you do best as an entertainer.  Get your own Customer Manager Pro Customer Relationship management system to provide yourself with the opportunity to increase your bottom line.  Contact us today to get your very own Customer Manager Pro.
At Little Box Consultants, it’s our goal to bring you the best value quality and simplicity. At $35 it will not break the bank.  Any Android device with Google Playstore and 1 gig of free memory is eligible for re-purposing. Look at the logic of re-purposing. No more taking large losses. You don't have to meet strangers in the parking lot to sell the device. No more buying a device you do not know about or having to relearn it. Now with Little Box Consultant provides streaming TV and will help you to cut your cable bill in more that half!  For only a one time 35 dollars and a few minutes of your time,  you will enjoying an unlimited amount of entertainment, right from your own home. Grab a package and start streaming today!
We will help you to recover and get you back on track, so you can succeed with your very own home based business.  Being an entrepreneur is not a sin nor is it something you should be ashamed of, actually quite the contrary.  If it were not for the type of people like you looking for something to help improve your life and those around you, the world would be full of a lot of confusion.  Contact us today and we will gladly consult you to get back on track.
Crowdfunding has helped out many in having successful business launches. KulaBrands is the answer to many entrepreneurs dream of experiencing true success while helping bring the product to market. Kulabrands literally is Crowdfunding on Steroids!
As long as you have the attitude of succeeding online, you are going to need good qualify leads,well now you can get leads daily with a great system that will provide you and your main program daily growth and the best part you can get paid while you learn from the pros, it is literally a win/win for you and your branding.  Getting ahead on your plans is key, contact us today to get you on aboard with the future, it is pretty exciting.

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that listeners are more likely to retain messages that are delivered by a Professional Voice Over.

your click-through rates and daily sales today!

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of potential customers that will stay on your website longer by using a voice over expert.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying:

I thoroughly enjoyed my radio interview with RJ Okuszka. My company benefited greatly. After the show, RJ created a link which I was able to use to further market my company. He asked pertinent questions and delivered them politely and in a congenial manner. The listeners were able to grasp just what my company is all about, in a short, 15 minute interview which is so easy to ask people to download and listen to.
PhilaVocia President / CEO Pictomoney and Pictoblast TV
Working with Bob has been an absolute pleasure. His professionalism and willingness to deliver on our projects has been a great asset - especially when working under short time constraints in our rapidly changing business environment. Beyond the daily commitment to professionalism, however, is the vocal talent he puts on display time and time again. Over one years and countless hours of recordings, Bob's voice never wavers. It has been a pleasure working with him and I couldn't be happier. Simply put, Bob is a class act and makes our client products stand out.
Tony GloverCity Media Video Productions
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I completed my interview this morning with RJ, and I think it went very well. RJ was fantastic! I highly recommend that you use him whenever you can. He was articulate, prepared, kind and generous. He even made a point of calling to speak with me after the interview was through. A professional, as well as an intelligent and thoughtful man--perfect qualities for an interviewer.
Thank you That was fun and RJ was a great interviewer! I am looking forward to using this link in as many ways as possible. It was the first one that has actually turned out good!
Bobbi W.The Foot Lady


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